GA Spam Fighter

Automatically filter out 422 spam sites from Google Analytics

Update Log

Thursday, October 29 New!
  • Added 17 more sites to the blacklist.
  • Updated maximum daily uses to 10.
  • Fixed bug causing daily uses not to reset.
  • Created a SWEET NEW BADGE that you can add to your site! Get it here.
Wednesday, July 24
  • Added almost 250 new sites to the spam blocker thanks to great user contributions and working with the guys at SpamScape. If you would like to contribute to the project, please go to their website and link your Google Analytics profiles so they can algorithmically (and anonymously) identify new spammers.
  • Updated the tool to search for existing filters in an account and only add new filters for sites you are not currently filtering.
  • Updated the tool to search for filters already linked to that profile and not send new linking requests.
  • This means you can run the script on a profile you've already run it on and all it will do is add filters for any new sites since you last ran it.
  • Updated API calls to use batch requests to minimize API calls and allow more uses per day.
  • Updated to allow each email address to filter 5 profiles per day due to API limitations. These reset daily at 1AM.
Tuesday, July 23
  • Beta launch

What is this?

Spammers have started using Google Analytics to advertise their websites. They use bots to send fake hits to your website in order to make their URLs appear in your referral traffic. This causes your Google Analytics data to be skewed, because the sessions generally last <1 second and "bounce" 100% of the time. The GA Spam Fighter adds filters to your accounts to block this traffic from appearing.

What spam looks like


  • Filter out known spam websites from multiple Google Analytics Profiles with one click

Future Features

  • Enable scheduled updates so your filters stay current as new sites are added
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